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Sometime last week (we’re not exactly sure when because no one was paying attention) The Talking Mirror reached a historic milestone.  (Side Note: I know it’s proper, or at least permissible, to use “an” before words beginning with “h” but I think it sounds awkward and have always preferred “a”.)  We have surpassed 100,000 page views!! That’s right, 100,000 people – roughly the population of Wichita Falls, Texas – have strolled through our digital French doors to have a look around.  The fact that we didn’t see it happen makes it feel kind of like waiting 6 months to see your car’s odometer surpass 100,000 miles and then having it happen while someone else is driving it, but even so, it’s a round number and it has six digits, so we’re happy about it.

You can now tell your friends that the obscure humor site you follow gets roughly as much traffic as Texts From Last Night gets every fifteen minutes.  And it only took us 21 months to get there!  We’d like to thank all of you who have been reading, linking, and commenting over the past two years – especially Mrs. Woodyard and Mrs. McCarthy who account for approximately 65% of our hits.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Literally.

About the author

Hailing from the great state of Oklahoma, Kent Woodyard was raised in a tepee by an uneducated family of country singers and Native Americans. He taught himself to read by studying a book of knock-knock jokes he found at a cattle auction (thus, his highly refined sense of bourgeois humor). For the last seven years he has been toiling faithfully as "the coolest kid you haven't met yet." He retired from that position the minute you read this. Kent counts Jared Fogle (the guy from the Subway commercials), Keith Olbermann, all the members of Nickelback, and Scar from The Lion King as personal enemies. When Kent grows up, he plans to have enough money to have all these people imprisoned for no reason whatsoever. As of this writing, Kent is acutely interested in the following: weekends, push pops, Disney sing-alongs, Lost discussion boards, widgets, Whoppers (the hamburgers, not the disgusting malt balls), Mongolian throat singers, and the early work of Billy Crystal.

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