About TTM

The Talking Mirror is managed and primarily written by two strapping gents: Kent Woodyard and Conor McCarthy. Kent is from Oklahoma and Conor is from Texas. As a result, we spend most of our time hating each other and bickering about the respective virtues of our home states. We set aside our differences long enough to accidentally become friends one day, but that has done nothing to stop the near constant stream of mockery and deeply-personal insults. We both attended Wheaton College (the one in Chicago, not the all-chick one), but have since fled the upper Midwest and the marathon winters contained therein. After a morally questionable foray in Southern California, Kent has been tamed by a fair maiden and drawn back to Chicagoland. Conor has been deported to North Texas.

We originally wrote satire focused on Evangelical culture as insiders, but over the years this site has evolved into a blog of sorts. We’re just a couple of opinionated dudes that decided to “civilly unionize” our writing into one magical website.

Look around, have fun, and post comments – we like those.

– Conor and Kent