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Planting a Church in Southern California: A Webinar

So you’ve been called to be a church planter, have you?  I know, I know – bummer, right?  You’re probably thinking, “awww, man!  Really?  Planting churches?  Why couldn’t it have been something cool like faith healing or something easy like teaching?”  If that’s not what you’re thinking, it’s what the rest of us are thinking […]

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An Excerpt from The Pop Culture Bible: I Kings 18

Previously on I Kings: Our main man, Elijah, has spent the last three years kickin it in the wilderness east of the Jordan River.  Picture it like Arizona or like the episode of Man vs Wild where Bear Grylls goes to the Mojave Desert except if instead of drinking his own urine, Bear had super-smart ravens that […]

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No, You Can’t Ask Me Something

Let me tell you something about men that you probably already know: we don’t like questions.  Questions are conversational bear traps that typically end with us having to (a) make a decision about something we don’t care about or (b) exert unnecessary intellectual strain and potentially expose our lack of knowledge in the field in […]

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