Billy Mays Wants To Sell You Some Weed

The kind people at YankeePotRoast have recently published an article of mine.

Tragically, Billy Mays, the famed television pitchman and inspiration for the article, passed away yesterday. The editors at YPR decided to go ahead with the post as the article was intended to be a good-hearted parody of his trademark exuberance and excitable personality. Let it be known that we at TTM are supporters of Mr. Mays (it can be assumed the editors at YPR share the same views). It is our sincere hope that this article be a celebration of his legacy and a fond farewell to a man who, by all accounts, was an exceptionally generous and gracious human being.


Pitchman Billy Mays (1958-2009)

(Note before reading: If you do not know who Billy Mays is, you need to watch this video first, otherwise you won’t get it.)

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