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Apatow Disappointed With Upcoming Film’s “R” Rating

Judd Apatow Film maker and cultural juggernaut Judd Apatow is mad.  And when Judd Apatow gets mad, children under the age of eighteen should be immediately removed from earshot. “It’s bull****, man,” raves a wild-eyed Apatow, spittle dripping from his unkempt man-beard.  “Those ******s don’t know who they’re dealing with.” The cause of this ire?  […]

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Biased Reviews: Brother Bear reviews “Where the Wild Things Are”

By: Brother Bear “One of the year’s best.” – Entertainment Weekly “The hipster equivalent of Star Wars.” – NPR’s, All Things Considered “Briefly made life worth living.” – Roger Ebert “Mostly good, kinda scary…[annoying, non-sensical ramblings]” – Sister Bear Blah, blah, blah.  Can we all just get off the “Where the Wild Things Are” superlative-train […]

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Biased Reviews: A 5th Grader Reports on Avatar

With so much reveling, carousing, and dri – uhh…bowl game watching going on in recent days, it’s been tough to find time to sate TTM’s insatiable hunger for fresh content.  Fortunately, my 12 year-old cousin is not old enough to dri – umm…doesn’t like football, and therefore had plenty of free time.  While on Christmas […]

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Paul Walker Reviews Fast & Furious

Dudes, Bros, and Chicks: Paul Walker here, rocking out with my socks out. You know what I mean. So I’m gonna review  the new Fast & Furious for TTM. I loved this movie, and I’m about to tell you why. I mean, I guess I’m… What’s the word? Like when you want the team you’re […]

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