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Seven Crimes to Consider Before Music Piracy

TTM Readers: This is an article that I wrote for As our readerbase doesn’t really overlap very well, they allowed me the opportunity to post it on TTM as well. You can see the original article with all its comments here, on Gaper’s Block. Hey there Chicagoans. Go ahead and pause all your Kazaa, […]

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Review: Jason Mraz Makes Nickelback Sound Good

Have you ever taken a dump that the toilet just couldn’t seem to choke down? I feel like that toilet when I’m forced to listen to Jason Mraz’s scattin’, be-boppin’, skiddlywink warbling. I could be anywhere–walking down the street, in my grandmother’s car, at the TJMaxx– when my ears are suddenly spewed upon. It’s funny […]

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Concert Review: Hey Coldplay, Fix This

Since my sophomore year in high school I – like most Americans – have maintained a recreational affinity for the band Coldplay.  I own all their CDs, I know every word to every one of their songs, I have a Chris Martin shaped body pillow.  Yet they are far from my favorite band.  They probably […]

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Loosening the Buttons of Literature

I don’t think that people these days really appreciate the poets of our time. Our modern Shakespeares are left unnoticed and unappreciated, the profundity and meaning of their writing tossed into the gutters of our minds as worthless and forgettable. Well I’m here to sing a different song; a song of triumph, a song of […]

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Satan: I Miss Michael Jackson

Have you heard? Michael Jackson is dead! I go on a little vaycay to the Bermuda Triangle for a couple of weeks and then the whole world goes to hell in a hand-basket! And it’s not even my hand-basket! I just… I just can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday he was revolutionizing pop […]

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Tiffany Thompson – We Interview Her

Having spent upwards of three years foisting the half-crazed diatribes we call “opinions” onto the unsuspecting internet community, we at The Talking Mirror have finally decided to acknowledge a world outside of ourselves. We’re going to start doing interviews! Interviews, we’ve discovered, are wonderful little things that provide us an excuse to do two of […]

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