Idea Born After 14 Hours of Painful Brainstorming

A new idea was welcomed into the world yesterday after 14 hours of excruciating, intellectual labor.  The idea, which popped out of area researcher Jenny Archer at 4:14 pm on Monday, March 14, represents the culmination of nearly nine months of cranial incubation and is the realization of a dream she has had “since she was a little girl.”

Archer’s research partner, Franklin Davis, was by her side throughout the mind-numbing and sometimes horrifying ordeal, filming the process and offering encouragement.  Davis, who aided in the original conception of the idea, said that the graphic scene of scholarly ambition had been thoroughly exhausting and “a bit nauseating.”  He additionally commented that with this new idea came great responsibility, as well as a long-term research relationship with Archer.

Sources close to Davis claim that the two months prior to the ideas creation had begun to take a toll on him, as Archer’s impending deadline caused her to be moody, demanding, and “fat.”  Because of this unbearable environment, Davis was tempted to induce the idea prematurely, but never broached the subject for fear of having to make more trips to the grocery store for Ben and Jerry’s, black licorice, and Lunchables.

According to Archer’s mother, Archer had originally planned to give the idea to a neighboring firm that had the requisite time and capital to nurture it properly.  However, both Davis and Archer decided to finish what they started, viewing the idea, however fluid-depleting its arrival would be, as a blessing they had been waiting for.

This is the first fully-developed idea for both Archer and Davis, although Archer has aborted several of Davis’s potential ideas in the past.

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