It Could Be Worse

Have you ever had a bad day? I don’t even mean a “sharted on a coffee break” kind of bad day, maybe just a “Modern Family was a re-run” kind of bad day. That one guy you work with that talks too much roped you in to yet another one-sided marathon conversation about backyard horticulture […]

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Church Name Scrabble: Round 2

By: Kent & Conor A Note From the Authors: All of these churches are real.  You can view their websites (most of which are pretty sweet) by clicking the church’s name.  The sole purpose of this article is to mock some churches who, for whatever reason, have chosen some ridiculous names for themselves.  We know […]

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Tiffany Thompson – We Interview Her

Having spent upwards of three years foisting the half-crazed diatribes we call “opinions” onto the unsuspecting internet community, we at The Talking Mirror have finally decided to acknowledge a world outside of ourselves. We’re going to start doing interviews! Interviews, we’ve discovered, are wonderful little things that provide us an excuse to do two of […]

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