Supplemental Editorial Re: Sex Article

I know this article is potentially offensive. I know it is of a sexual nature, and people don’t really associate that with Christians or Christianity. I am sorry if someone is offended by the content of the article because they feel it is too vulgar or too sexual. My intention was not to be vulgar or sexually inappropriate, but rather to point out a gross lack of teaching in Evangelicalism. Much of the content of the article is derived from statements I heard my peers say during my three and a half year stint at Wheaton College, also known as Evangelical Mecca. Some of it was nearly verbatim quotation. So I do sincerely apologize if I’ve “crossed the line” in anyone’s mind, but that is the nature of satire.

As you can tell from the article, some of the perspectives that young Christians hold regarding sexuality are quite unrealistic, uninformed, and immature. You may have heard people say similar things. Just go to any of the Facebook groups from which my article takes its title. This isn’t an isolated issue. Not all young Christians have these kinds of ideas, but there are many everywhere that do hold unhealthy perspectives on their sexuality. I don’t intend to mock them for that. Indeed, in many ways I am one of “them.” I’m no sexual guru, but I know enough from certain classes at Wheaton (particularly Sexual Ethics and Abnormal Psychology’s section on sexual disorders) to know what is a healthy view of sexuality and what isn’t. I’m not out to try to write a book on healthy sexuality. I’m not qualified for that. I am, however, out to raise the question of why our youth aren’t being taught about sexuality in our Churches.

What have you learned about sex at Church? The answer is most likely “nothing,” unless you learned that it was “really darn good” from your Pastor during a topical message on the Song of Solomon. “What? Teach about sex at Church? To young people? That’s ridiculous and offensive! I’m offended!” That’s cool. Let us learn about it at our schools then. Or from TV, or the internet. Or anywhere else, honestly. Without good, wholesome, God-honoring teaching on sexuality in the Church, young Evangelicals are learning what they can where they can. This results in truncated and scattered points of view. We’re forced to try to find answers to hard questions in places that may not give us real truth. I’m not advocating sexual immorality or impurity. I’m saying that we need to have holistic answers to complicated questions. Christians can still maintain their purity and have a Godly knowledge of their sexuality. Knowing about sex does not automatically make one a lustful fornicator, nor does it obliterate one’s virginity on principle. We need to stop making sex into a villian by brushing it under the rug and making it a dirty word that we can’t say in God’s House. We need to stop making sex into an idol by treating it like it is going to solve every problem we’ve ever had if we can just keep our pants on until marriage. God created sex and He made it good for us and blessed us with the ability to enjoy it, so we should have responsible knowledge of it both before and after marriage and honor Him in doing so. Sex is not our savior, but it is a gift and in the context of marriage it gives glory to God so we should engage the subject of sex in a respectful and Biblical manner in our Churches.

Some Christians have sort of swung to the other side of the pendulum, such as these ladies who maintain a blog all about the “excessive sexual desire” they have for their husbands. I’m not necessarily on board with everything they write about, but the point is, some Christians see the need for talking about these issues. Just check out their site. Somebody is reading it. Isn’t it sad that people went to a blog for advice and answers on holy Christian sexuality almost 750,000 times, rather than going to their Churches? And that’s just at the time I’m running this article. It’ll be over a million in no time.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m an idiot. It’s rare when it happens but Kent reminds me of those instances pretty often. This could be one of those occasions. If you have a problem with what I’ve said, say it. I’m open to being questioned. But I’m pretty sure I’m right on with this, and I’m pretty sure something needs to change.

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