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The Over-Analysis: Christian Knock-offs

Being a member of a youth group at Church will teach you a lot of things. You may (hopefully) learn about the Christian faith. You may learn about friendship, romance, or conflict resolution. Maybe you’ll even witness for the first time that yes, farts can indeed be ignited into flames (and it’s the funniest thing […]

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Mark Driscoll’s Man Quiz

So you’re a guy that wants to be a new member of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, the home of Mark “The Muscles” Driscoll? We’ve got a few questions for you before we get to our theological assessment. These questions have been written by our very own Mark “The Monster” Driscoll, so answer carefully or […]

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Short Term Missionaries Convert Entire Village

In addition to Nike, Coke, and George Bush the impoverished residents of Los Lopez, Nicaragua, can add “Oak Springs Baptist Church” to the list of English words that they know.  The reason?  Short term missions.  A team of twelve high school students from the suburban Kansas City church recently completed a week-long mission trip that […]

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An Excerpt from The Pop Culture Bible: I Kings 18

Previously on I Kings: Our main man, Elijah, has spent the last three years kickin it in the wilderness east of the Jordan River.  Picture it like Arizona or like the episode of Man vs Wild where Bear Grylls goes to the Mojave Desert except if instead of drinking his own urine, Bear had super-smart ravens that […]

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Joel Osteen Reads Gospels for the First Time

Last Thursday Joel Osteen, senior pastor of Lakewood “Church” in Houston, Texas revealed to the world that he had recently read the Gospels for the first time during a segment of the MTV Special True Life: I’m Joel Osteen. “Ya know, I decided it was about time I toughed it through all four Gospels. They’re […]

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The Prayer of Jabizzy

Wilkinson Targets “Snoop Dogg” Market with The Prayer of Jabizzy The marketing blitz for The Prayer of Jabizzy, the latest installment in Bruce Wilkinson’s “BreakThrough” book series, began last week when Christian stores across the nation were flooded with posters of Escalades, diamond studded books, and various forms of “Jabizzy bling” including “grillz” (cosmetic metal […]

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John Eldredge Writes “Wild at Heart” Sequel, “U.H.C.: Ultimate Heart Championship”

John Eldredge, the ultra-masculine author of the popular book and bible study series Wild at Heart, which focuses on “discovering the secret of a man’s soul” through camping, has released a second book and bible study series to further expound upon a subject which he calls “absolutely necessary for the future of testosterone in our […]

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