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Recent Grad Runs Out of College Stories

CHARLESTON (AP) – Local 3rd grade teacher and 2007 college graduate Chad Thompson was quite literally speechless last weekend when he came to the shocking realization that he had exhausted his store of collegiate anecdotes. Witnesses report that Thompson had just finished regaling the gathered crowd at Fellowship Baptist’s 4th Annual Singles BBQ with an […]

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Local Female Finally Named “One of the Guys”

WHEATON (AP) – The Talking Mirror has received word that after three years of platonic male friendships, local college junior Sandra Williams is finally “one of the guys.”  Sandra received the long-awaited news last week in the form of a flatulent emission made in her presence by Doug “D Dawg” Samuels while the two gorged […]

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The Beginning of the End: Life After College, Part 3

This is the third in an infinite part series about life after college. With my recent migration from Chicago to California many aspects of my post-collegiate life have changed significantly.  Not only did I trade gang violence for illegal immigration and political corruption for political incompetence, I also went from living with four guys in […]

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a martini

To “Drunk Guy,” a Retort

Dear Sir/Madame, Having received your objectionably accusatory, alcohol-soaked correspondence nearly a week ago today, I have thus seen it fit to provide you with a declarative defense, to be presented to you before the scrutinous gaze of the benevolent public, or, “they.” I trust that “they” will, in their pluralistic corporate sagacity, rend from me the […]

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Fratboy Chad Analyzes a Poem

Hey what up sons! Chad, just here kickin it and doing some stupid homework for this Gen Ed class I have to take. It’s so, so lame. BRB I gotta shotgun a Natty before I start, hopefully it’ll get me through. Alright, alright. I gotta “analyze” a poem. What the hell does that mean? I’m […]

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