The product of Christianity's finest minds

The Over-Analysis: Christian Knock-offs

Being a member of a youth group at Church will teach you a lot of things. You may (hopefully) learn about the Christian faith. You may learn about friendship, romance, or conflict resolution. Maybe you’ll even witness for the first time that yes, farts can indeed be ignited into flames (and it’s the funniest thing […]

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Seven Crimes to Consider Before Music Piracy

TTM Readers: This is an article that I wrote for As our readerbase doesn’t really overlap very well, they allowed me the opportunity to post it on TTM as well. You can see the original article with all its comments here, on Gaper’s Block. Hey there Chicagoans. Go ahead and pause all your Kazaa, […]

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The Horror, The Horror: A Word on Female Fashion

Can I talk to you for five minutes about female fashion?  Now most of you are probably thinking, “Come on Kent, if you’re talking about anything pertaining to women it’ll take a lot less than five minutes to say everything you know.”  And that makes me think, “That’s hurtful and slanderous and, frankly, I resent […]

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Where would Jesus shop?

Pet Peeves for the Common Man: Organic Foods

Do you shop at Whole Foods? Do you have a friend that shops at Whole Foods? If you do, they likely make sure that you know that they shop at Whole Foods. Also, they are likely not paying with their welfare check, as prices for organics over non-organics are generally 10-40% higher than “conventionally” grown […]

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