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The Over-Analysis: Christian Knock-offs

Being a member of a youth group at Church will teach you a lot of things. You may (hopefully) learn about the Christian faith. You may learn about friendship, romance, or conflict resolution. Maybe you’ll even witness for the first time that yes, farts can indeed be ignited into flames (and it’s the funniest thing […]

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If I Were a Boy: A Word On Female Pop Singers

Can I talk to you for five minutes about female pop singers?  I approach this topic with a measure of trepidation due to accusations of misogyny and chauvinism, which have recently been directed my way.  Let it be known that I am not presently, nor have I ever been (to the best of my knowledge) […]

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Understanding the Jonas Brothers Within the Musical Metanarrative

Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas.  The names alone are enough to inspire envy, lust, wrath, and most of the remaining deadly sins.  In newspaper columns, entertainment blogs, and multi-colored notes passed during seventh period, this trio of troubadours has been called everything from “pre-pubescent harbingers of the apocalypse” to “OMG!  Sooooo hott!!” Unfortunately, most of […]

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Satan: I Miss Michael Jackson

Have you heard? Michael Jackson is dead! I go on a little vaycay to the Bermuda Triangle for a couple of weeks and then the whole world goes to hell in a hand-basket! And it’s not even my hand-basket! I just… I just can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday he was revolutionizing pop […]

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