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Mark Driscoll’s Man Quiz

So you’re a guy that wants to be a new member of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, the home of Mark “The Muscles” Driscoll? We’ve got a few questions for you before we get to our theological assessment. These questions have been written by our very own Mark “The Monster” Driscoll, so answer carefully or […]

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Planting a Church in Southern California: A Webinar

So you’ve been called to be a church planter, have you?  I know, I know – bummer, right?  You’re probably thinking, “awww, man!  Really?  Planting churches?  Why couldn’t it have been something cool like faith healing or something easy like teaching?”  If that’s not what you’re thinking, it’s what the rest of us are thinking […]

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Church Name Scrabble: Round 2

By: Kent & Conor A Note From the Authors: All of these churches are real.  You can view their websites (most of which are pretty sweet) by clicking the church’s name.  The sole purpose of this article is to mock some churches who, for whatever reason, have chosen some ridiculous names for themselves.  We know […]

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