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It’s Never a Good Idea to Quote Movies During an RDT

(Author’s Note: For those of you who did not attend a Christian College, an “RDT” is an acronym for a Relationship Defining Talk.) Local Starbucks barista, Joshua Anderson’s dreams of Valentine’s Day bliss were crushed Monday evening in what observers are calling “the most catastrophic miscalculation of romantic intentions since Monica Lewinsky.”  Anderson’s ill-advised RDT […]

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A Food Critic Takes his Family to Hooters

The world of reasonably priced, family-friendly restaurants has long been regarded by its trendier, Zagat-rated cousins as a soulless, post-apocalyptic wasteland devoid of decent food and recently laundered silk tablecloths.  This has been one of the great frustrations of my professional life as I have thus far been unable to find a restaurant that appeals […]

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