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Fratboy Chad Analyzes a Poem

Hey what up sons! Chad, just here kickin it and doing some stupid homework for this Gen Ed class I have to take. It’s so, so lame. BRB I gotta shotgun a Natty before I start, hopefully it’ll get me […]

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Pet Peeves for the Common Man: Michael Bay Movies

Let me begin by stating that I have a liberal arts college education. As any liberal arts student will tell you, they force you to learn liberal things,

Even More Shameless Self Promotion

[caption id="attachment_2124" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Next it's shirts with my face on them"][/caption] Hello TTM Readers. this is just another installment in a long series of Self Promoting articles

rawr blahhhrrggg mmmggarrrr (other sloppy eating sounds)

Pet Peeves for the Common Man: I Hate Your Fat Children

I started a similar "article" when I was a junior or senior in high school, I think for some kind of bootlegged school newspaper or something. Back then,

Pet Peeves for the Common Man: Your Accent Isn’t Funny

Ladies, I'm going to go ahead and clue you in to a little secret that is guaranteed to strengthen your relationship with your beau, or boo, or whatever

Pet Peeves for the Common Man: I Could Care Less

There are a plethora of colloquialisms that have burrowed their way into our common language like some kind of horrifying parasite. And there are many language abusers to

Some News in Review: Video Edition… FIXED

2/9/2009 Well well well - an update. I decided that I'd try to get this video thing going even after running the article, just to "test the waters."

Pet Peeves for the Common Man

Nanny States, Part One: Smoking in Bars I put "part one" in this title because I'm sure I'll find some other issue that fits under the "Nanny State" title

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