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Satan: I Miss Michael Jackson

Have you heard? Michael Jackson is dead! I go on a little vaycay to the Bermuda Triangle for a couple of weeks and then the whole world goes to hell in a hand-basket! And it’s not even my hand-basket! I […]

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Fratboy Chad Analyzes a Poem

Hey what up sons! Chad, just here kickin it and doing some stupid homework for this Gen Ed class I have to take. It's so, so lame. BRB

Pet Peeves for the Common Man: Michael Bay Movies

Let me begin by stating that I have a liberal arts college education. As any liberal arts student will tell you, they force you to learn liberal things,

Even More Shameless Self Promotion

[caption id="attachment_2124" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Next it's shirts with my face on them"][/caption] Hello TTM Readers. this is just another installment in a long series of Self Promoting articles

rawr blahhhrrggg mmmggarrrr (other sloppy eating sounds)

Pet Peeves for the Common Man: I Hate Your Fat Children

I started a similar "article" when I was a junior or senior in high school, I think for some kind of bootlegged school newspaper or something. Back then,

Pet Peeves for the Common Man: Your Accent Isn’t Funny

Ladies, I'm going to go ahead and clue you in to a little secret that is guaranteed to strengthen your relationship with your beau, or boo, or whatever

Pet Peeves for the Common Man: I Could Care Less

There are a plethora of colloquialisms that have burrowed their way into our common language like some kind of horrifying parasite. And there are many language abusers to

Pet Peeves for the Common Man

Nanny States, Part One: Smoking in Bars I put "part one" in this title because I'm sure I'll find some other issue that fits under the "Nanny State" title

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