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Review: Jason Mraz Makes Nickelback Sound Good

Have you ever taken a dump that the toilet just couldn’t seem to choke down? I feel like that toilet when I’m forced to listen to Jason Mraz’s scattin’, be-boppin’, skiddlywink warbling. I could be anywhere–walking down the street, in my grandmother’s car, at the TJMaxx– when my ears are suddenly spewed upon. It’s funny […]

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A Food Critic Takes his Family to Hooters

The world of reasonably priced, family-friendly restaurants has long been regarded by its trendier, Zagat-rated cousins as a soulless, post-apocalyptic wasteland devoid of decent food and recently laundered silk tablecloths.  This has been one of the great frustrations of my professional life as I have thus far been unable to find a restaurant that appeals […]

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Restaurant Review: I’ve Died and Gone to Brazil

I went to heaven last Friday.  Alright, maybe not heaven proper, but at least a satellite location in the Chicago Loop.  It’s called Fogo de Chao and I want to spend the rest of eternity there.  When I first heard about this Brazilian steakhouse or “Churrascaria” I, like many of you, assumed my friends were […]

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Concert Review: Hey Coldplay, Fix This

Since my sophomore year in high school I – like most Americans – have maintained a recreational affinity for the band Coldplay.  I own all their CDs, I know every word to every one of their songs, I have a Chris Martin shaped body pillow.  Yet they are far from my favorite band.  They probably […]

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